We are adding to the foundation of a global network of black entrepreneurs with the permanent parts of our new normal in mind. Corporate Dropout University is home for entrepreneurial learning, networking, patronage, entertainment and motivation. It is in that spirit that we are reaching out to you.
We are throwing a ground breaking event via Hopin, a virtual meeting space that makes Zoom look like a PowerPoint, that is poised for the new normal I spoke of The Dropout Virtual Kick-back & E-Market is the first of many initiatives designed to empower black businesses and celebrate the culture with live streaming music, vendor highlight interviews and a curated shopping experience all from the comfort of your living room. 
We are inviting you to join the movement as a registered sponsor of this dynamic event.  Sponsorship has 2 tiers of support:
  • A Banner Ad: The banner ad will be in a loop with other ads,
  • A Splash Ad: The splash ad will occupy the screen for 4 seconds during a transition.
  • Both tiers come with an authentic embroidered Corporate Dropout hat and T-Shirt as an additional token of our appreciation.

Each vendor  has been promised a 5 minute spotlight interview to showcase their brand and drive traffic to their booth so Splash ads will be available while slots last.

We are viewing the remainder of 2020 as a true economic Renaissance for black business owners and this event is the first of many that serve as our contribution to that reawakening. Join us on the right side of history and be apart of making this event a success for the culture.