FREE Pilot Workshop Sunday May 9th 2020

Company Culture As a Means to Success is an evidence-based resource specially developed by Ibrahim Nwagui with executive/administrative leadership in mind. This resource is designed to educate leaders in the areas of empathy, accountability, and effective communication, among others. It is our hope that armed with such knowledge, leaders will be able to cultivate a culture of sustainable success. Our pedagogical approach to this training is dynamic and collaborative and can be adapted for in-person or virtually. We challenge you to take your team and leadership to the next level with this carefully developed program. 

Platform: Zoom 

Date: 5/9/20

Time: 10:00 am EST / 9:00 am CST

Time Commitment: 45 minutes 

Section 1 Only: Self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Accountability 

Limited available slots. RSVP below.

**Regular Price Chart**

Cost Per Person: 

1-5 $200 PP

6-10 $100 PP

11-20 $50 PP